About Arya Pet Power

Company was established in 2003 in order to provide high quality PET(Polyethylene terephthalate) packing products for fast growing food manufacturing industries in Iran Our products are:

PET bottle preform

PET bottle

Bottle cap

ARYA PET POWER manufacturing facility is located in Kordan area ( 70 km from Tehran)on a 15 acres piece of land.

ARYAPET POWER Company is one of the largest and most innovative and well equipped PET manufacturers nation wide and in Middle East region. Our daily production scale is 6,000,000 PET preform pieces and 600,000 PET bottles per day.

Quality Control and Assurance

The core of our business is formed on two solid

pillars: Customer satisfaction and quality products. Taking care of quality of our products leads us to maintain high standards and define innovative organizational values. What made us shine over the decades and expand our core values is our professional team of experts. Our one of a kind manufacturing facility is highly monitored by quality control system and very well equipped with laboratory instruments and gadgets. This makes us stand at the top of PET manufactures in Middle East region. Our quality assurance system provides continuous monitoring and surveillance of production lines and prevents any minor possible error or mistake. We are proud to have a great reputation among our valuable customers about quality of our products and services. Hard work and customer appreciation are two main elements which made us stand out in PET manufacturing industry.

Diversified products

We are well known for diversification of our products. In order to provide wide range of quality products for our valuable customers, we are continuously improving our production systems and apply high end available technologies world wide.Our capability in fulfilling large orders on time to our customers ’ satisfaction makes us a trustable supplier especially during the instability of packing market. This is not but because of applying high capacity of our modern machinery and efficient production planning by our skillful staff.

PatPower Aria, using the world-class devices and with the help of its young and professional staff, is trying to get more satisfied with domestic customers, thinking about entering new export markets, and this is important in the order The whole work has put the collection.