what is a PET preform

A PET Preform is a test tube like piece, with clear and soft surface. It is an intermediate product in Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) containers production. PET Preforms are shatterproof, Although, quite similar to glass, they are not as fragile . This feature makes them suitable for transportation .

The Preform production is a crucial step in the PET bottle manufacturing process. This intermediate product is low-cost, Eco- friendly, efficient and has production flexibility. The type of Preform used in A PET bottle production is extremely important in determining the durability, appearance and functionality of the final product. The adaptable nature of the PET preform enables the production of high quality, diverse and hygienic designs with glass- like finish. Furthermore, the PET perform does not react with food and beverages, therefore, it is an ideal option for food packaging.

 PET preforms are manufactured through an injection molding process using molds designed based on the general needs of the consumers. Production of the bottles with different shapes and designs is straightforward and accomplished through a stretch blow molding process. It is noticeable that the neck finish of the Preform stays the same during the blow molding process so This part of the Preform is used in the Preform classification.

PET bottles are vastly used in food and cosmetic industries. They are versatile, impact-proof, easy to produce and stock. Their considerable durability, joined with low gas and humidity permeability, makes them an excellent choice in the carbonated drinks packaging.